Ke Iki 8.19.12

Shot for a bit at Ke Iki today. Beach got too crowded and people started getting in the way so called it a day but did get a couple interesting shots.

Makena 8.10.12 – 8.13.12

Spent the weekend in Maui and shot again at Makena. Wasn’t able to get on the flight back to Honolulu on Sunday with our standby tickets so we spent an extra day. Unfortunately the weather/waves didn’t cooperate; slight onshore waves, wind, clouds, and lots of people made it really tough to shoot though I learned a lot on this trip and hopefully I’ll get better photos next time. Aloha!

Interested onlooker

This is a really unique angle. You can see inside of the barrel and the turbulence that follows the wave.

This is a 3 shot sequence that will be available as an aluminum triptych (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

I shot this barrel at a really Interesting angle

View from below

Maui was really hot and it was nice to find some shade.

Ke Iki 8.5.12

Shot a few tiny waves at Ke Iki Beach on Oahu’s north shore. Used a Speedlite flash and got these two photos.




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