World’s Best Beach: Makena Beach, Maui

These shore break photos are from Makena Beach, Maui. The water at Makena is absolutely crystal clear with a beautiful sand beach and in my opinion, is the best beach in the world. Be careful of the shore break when it gets bigger as the wave packs a punch and breaks top to bottom on the shallow sand. Photos taken with a GoPro Hero2.

“The Finger”


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  3. Jorge De La Garza

    Love your Work! We cant wait to head to Maui in November/Dec. What are you shooting with now? I noticed you mentioned speedlite.

    I just got a gopro to since i dont have a housing for my camera.

    Will you be in Maui first week of dec?

  4. Neal

    I shot these with a GoPro 2. Whether I’ll be there that week depends on my schedule and the weather. I usually book my flight the night before but it’s only a 30 min flight from Honolulu for me :)

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